The 2nd Qatar Made in China Exhibition 2016 is a trade fair and B2B / B2G exchange platform comprehensively demonstrating all countries in the Middle East and Africa "middle and high-end" products and solutions in fields of Chinese architecture, science and technology, which are co-organized by Qatari government and China International Center for Economic and Technical Exchanges of the Ministry of Commerce. China and Gulf countries investment economic trading cooperation forum will be hold at the same period in order to show the exhibition close rate.

Today, in the period that the Middle East and Africa are dramatically building infrastructure, especially after Qatar wins the right to host two international Events, the 2022 FIFA World Cup and 2019 FIBA World Championship, domestic demand for infrastructure has increased dramatically. Besides, Qatar is located in the strategic transportation junction of Afro-Eurasia. Therefore, the exhibition held in Qatar shall win support and favor from national government departments and enterprises in the Middle East and Africa. It is estimated that around 300 domestic enterprises participating in the exhibition will negotiate with over 800 governments and enterprise buyers from 30 countries for about 1,000 projects in the Middle East and Africa. The buyers from large and medium-sized projects organized by Qatari government accounts for 60%, while other buyers from countries in the Middle East and Africa accounts for 40%. 




Since the successful application for hosting 2022 World Cup and 2019 World Championship, there has been a soaring market demand in domestic infrastructure of Qatar. In the upcoming four years, Qatari government will invest more than $ 285 billion in infrastructure construction, including a series of large projects such as, new city initiative, old city area rebuilding, subway, road and railway network construction, energy and water conservation projects, hi-tech sports stadiums, civil residence on a large scale and restaurants and hotels, etc., representing a huge market potential.

Furthermore, reported by Katis, upon arrival of the World Cup, the inflation rate of Qatar will lodge in between 18%-20% during 2016-2019, a sign that will further boost the demand in the construction market. Moreover, as the promoting of encouraging policies of 2030 national visions, all fields in Qatar are on a fast growing track, especially in infrastructure and engineering constructions. The world economy report proved a 6.5% of GDP growth rate of Qatar in 2014, and 7.7% for 2015, making it the fastest growing gulf countries.






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